Ciara Pryce

Ciara Pryce, group services director, VGC group

Ciara has worked for the VGC group for 16 years. Following her masters in human resource management she initially lead the human resources team. She was appointed to the board in 2005 and now leads major head office functions including finance, IT & marketing. 

Ciara and her team have established market-leading recruitment and staff development strategies. These have made VGC a key labour partner on major infrastructure projects across the UK including Crossrail, Hinkley Point, Sellafield, Edinburgh to Glasgow Improvement Programme, and Heathrow.

VGC has a well-established corporate social responsibility strategy focused on attracting new entrants to the industry, developing the workforce and supporting the wider community. As the first labour supplier to achieve the BRE 6002 Ethical Labour Sourcing standard in 2018, VGC has demonstrated its ethical approach to recruitment and its commitment to eliminating modern slavery from the supply chain. Ciara believes that VGC’s ethical and sustainable approach to labour supply is helping to make the construction and infrastructure industry more diverse, safer and a preferred career choice.

Ciara and the VGC team have demonstrated that ethical practice, delivering social value and business success are not mutually exclusive.